Introducing LiTEChain : Blockchain meets IoT and Machine Learning

Smart Empower Innovation Labs Inc. chosen to Join IBM PartnerWorld Program

We are delighted to announce that Smart Empower Innovation Labs Inc. has been selected to join IBM PartnerWorld through the IBM Global Entrepreneur program. We are excited for this news and the opportunities it opens. As a member of the IBM Innovation Ecosystem, Smart Empower Innovation Labs will receive support from IBM to accelerate our efforts to bring Artificial Intelligence to the Embedded computing paradigm for wide range of IoT applications.

Removing Redundancies out of Big Data – A new Publication

A new publication has been submitted about our newly developed Sparse Learning Framework for Efficient IoT Big Data Applications.

A beta-release for our IoT learning framework is scheduled for release in Fall 2018. If interested in a demo run using your IoT data, contact us at



New publications by Smart Empower Innovation Labs on role of Sparisty in Machine Learning

Two new research publications for Smart Empower Innovation Labs on role of Sparisty in Machine Learning:

1."Appearance-based Salient Features Extraction in Medical Images Using
Sparse Contourlet-based Representation", International Journal of Image,
Graphics and Signal Processing(IJIGSP), Sep. 2017

2."Multiscale Sparse Appearance Modeling And Simulation OF Pathological
Deformations",ICTACT Journal on Image and Video Processing ( Volume: 8 ,
Issue: 1 ), Sep 2017