We live in a unique time in the history of humanity where we are experiencing a technology revolution. Not only that this revolution is reshaping our daily life but it is opening doors for research and innovations that can profoundly impact lives. Recent advances in fields of embedded and mobile computing, sensors and open source software have created a unique opportunity to impact almost every sector. Abundance of data around us is changing the way interact with our world and the way we deal with real life challenges in various fields.

Bringing Artificial Intelligence to Embedded Computing Paradigm

Smart Empower Innovation Labs brings over 20 years of collective cutting-edge academic and industrial research and development in fields of machine learning, data science, and embedded computing. We provide expert-level solutions by taking an interdisciplinary R&D approach to the traditionally disjoint fields of: Machine Learning & Embedded Computing. Applying cutting-edge techniques and proprietary machine learning and embedded computing algorithms, we bring artificial intelligence to the embedded paradigm and the IOT revolution. We unlock potentials of artificial intelligence in various industries.

Our research  expertise spans wide range of industries such as

  • Oil & Gas and energy sector.
  • Environmental monitoring and logging.
  • Healthcare.
  • IOT security.

Technical Sessions and Workshops

AI-STREAM Digital Transformation Challenge Event: The BIG Data vs Sparse Data Challenge“, IEEE 6th World Forum on the Internet of Things, Louisiana, USA, April, 2020

Unlocking Potentials of Industry 4.0 In Oil & Gas Through De-centrilized Intelligence and Open Innovation”,  SPE Workshop on Industry 4.0 in the Oil and Gas Value Chain , Abu Dhabi, UAE, September, 2019

Can The Energy Industry Play Catch up with IIoT ? What does it need to stay ahead of the curve”, A Technical Panel discussion Session, Global Petroleum Show Technical Conference, Calgary, AB, Canada, June, 2019


Peer-reviewed Publications

[1]  “Condition Monitoring Using IIoT-based Sparse Learning System”, Ahmed Hag ElSafi, Rami Zewail, 10th Mediterranean Offshore Conference, Alexandria, Egypt, 2019

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[4] “Multi-scale Sparse Appearance Modeling And Simulation of Pathological Deformations,” Rami Zewail, Ahmed Hag-ElSafi, ICTACT Journal on Image and Video Processing. 8. 1596-1605. 10.21917/ijivp.2017.0225.