SmartExtract.AI is an innovative approach to the IoT and BIG Data Applications. Applying cutting-edge signal processing, feature engineering and embedded computing algorithms, SmartExtract.AI intends to empower businesses to make best use of their data the smart, yet, cost-effective way.

Based on 20 years of research and development, SmartExtract.AI aims to address some of the limitations in current traditional Cloud-only Artificial Intelligence solutions.


The Problem

The untold fact in today’s AI industry is that majority of solutions available are built around redundant data. This is the hidden cost that businesses end up paying for ( from transmitting to hosting and processing). The result is an overly-priced end solution.

Our Solution

At Smart Empower Innovation Labs , we do things differently.  Following an information-centric signal processing approach, SmartExtract.AI aims to empower businesses to significantly cut the overall cost for their AI and analytic solutions , and to stop paying recurring fees for redundant data.

Our Technology

SmartExtract.AI is all about Features and representations. we believe that signal processing and feature engineering are the secret ingredients to Artificial Intelligence. SmartExtract.AI provides an adaptive sparse learning platform to remove redundancies out of BIG DATA.

  • Learn optimal representation for your data Locally or on the Cloud.
  • Embedded Intelligence at the EDGE to achieve decentralized Intelligence.
  • A sparse approach to the BIG Data.

Target Markets and Applications

  • Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Industry 4.0
  • Oil & Gas
  • Healthcare
  • Agriculture and retail


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