Technical Education

With over 20 years of experience in the field,we offer hands-on specialist training courses in embedded systems, signal processing and data science.

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DSP & Embedded Computing Route

We provide expert-level DSP and embedded system training that would help individuals acquire the skill they need in this rapid changing market

Fundamentals of Embedded Systems Design Track

This track covers the fundamental background and skill set required to enter the embedded systems paradigm. The topics covered in this track are essential for every embedded system engineer.
Courses in this track:

1. Embedded Systems Job Interview 101.
2. Fundamentals of Embedded System Design
3. Embedded System Programming – Embedded C

Advanced Embedded System Design Track

The topics covered in this track span the areas of low -power design, embedded systems design for IOT, and writing portable device drivers. Students learn world class designs tips and skills.

1. Internet-Of-Things: A developer’s guide.
2. Embedded Device Driver Design
3. Fundamentals of Low-Power Embedded Design.
4. Fundamentals of PCB Design


DSP & FPGA Track

This track provides in-depth training in areas of digital signal processing and Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA).

1. Digital Design Using VHDL and FPGA
2. Fundamentals of Digital Signal Processing
3. DSP Using SciLab
4. Embedded DSP design

Machine Learning and Data Science Route

We live at a time where abundance of data around us is changing the way we interact with our world. Our machine learning and data science training portfolio provide in-depth technical education needed to advance one’s career

Every industry is rediscovering the potential benefits that it can unlock using machine learning, data science and predictive analysis techniques. This has created a surge in the need for machine learning and data science specialists.
Courses offered:

1. SciLab Machine Learning and Data Science Boot Camp
2. Python Machine Learning and Data Science Boot Camp
3. Fundamentals of Machine Learning and Data Science
4. Signal Representation for Machine Learning.